THALION Thalisource Masque Nutri-Confort – Rich Nutrition Mask. 50 ml.


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THALION Thali Source Masque Nutri-Confort – Rich Nutrition Mask. 50 ml.


Real bath of oils, this rich mask helps dry and very dry skins to recover their softness and comfort. Hydrated and nourished, the skin looks smoother, softer, as if repulped.


Its rich texture brings immediate well-being.
The complexion glows with a new radiance.
The tightening sensations and discomfort disappear.


Skin types
Dry and very dry skin.


Active ingredients

Provide comfort and soothe
Concentrate of oligosaccharides of rhodophycea algae obtained by an exclusive process of depolymerization developed by our laboratory. These oligosaccharides of low molecular weight preserve the skin from irritations.

Sensitive System
Biomimetic peptide that limits neuro-sensitivity to reduce progressively the skin sensitivity to external stimuli.

18 beta glycyrrhetinic phytosomes
Hydrophilic fraction of liquorice in a phytosome for an immediate and lasting calming effect. Anti-inflammatory and decongesting activity of beta-glycyrrhetinic acid.


Provide lipids – restore barrier function
Spirulina (oily extract)
The spirulina is a blue micro seaweed belonging to the Cyanophycea class, rich in pro-vitamin A (beta carotene). It improves the elasticity of the support tissues and reinforces the natural protection of the skin.

Shea butter and vitamin F.
Protect the skin from dehydration, ensure a barrier effect, nourish and repair.

Rice bran oil
The richest in vitamin E of all vegetable oils. Rich in essential fatty acids, it has exceptional restructuring and softening properties. The skin recovers flexibility, comfort and elasticity.

Vitamin E
Fights free radicals. Anti-inflammatory action. Improves the ability of the skin to retain water.


Preserve moisture
Concentrate of polysaccharides and oligosaccharides of brown algae. The polysaccharides act as highly hydrated matrices at the surface of the skin to reduce water loss.

Healing, soothing, moisturizing and softening.


Laminaria digitata, Palmaria palmata
Rich in micro-nutrients, marine minerals and trace elements, the combination of micro-seaweeds and macro-seaweeds, restores the skin balance and helps it to recover its energy.


How to use
Apply a thick layer, 2 to 3 times a week, to face and neck avoiding the eye contour area and leave it to activate for 10 to 15 minutes. Eliminate the excess with a tissue and apply your usual cream.


Content: 50 ml.


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