THALION Soin Multi-Action Fermeté – Dual Action Firming Body Cream. 200 ml.


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THALION Soin Multi-Action Fermeté –
Dual Action Firming Body Cream. 200 ml. 


This new generation cream provides a double firmness and anti-stretch marks action. Brown seaweeds, escin and patented Collagenage 72 join forces to improve skin’s tonicity and to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, while boosting skin’s elastic capital.


Reinforced formula: tones and improves the elasticity of the skin,
Prevents the formation of stretch marks and improves their appearance,
Unctuous texture that nourishes the skin,
The skin regains suppleness and softness. The silhouette looks younger.


Active ingredients

Ulva lactuca
Protects and reinforces the skin elastic capital through the inhibition of the elastase process.

Spirulina (oily extract)
Blue micro seaweed belonging to the Cyanophycea class, rich in pro-vitamin A (beta carotene). It improves the elasticity of the support tissues and reinforces the skin natural protection.

Palmaria palmata
Rich in trace elements like potassium, iron, silicium, selenium, it acts on the organization of the elastic fibres and improves skin’s firmness and suppleness. Also rich in amino acids which are involved in the process of cell nutrition and synthesis.

Soy glycoproteins
Thanks to its richness in structural glycoproteins and polysaccharides, this active acts on the reorganization of the collagen fibres and protects the elastin fibres. It strengthens the firmness and elasticity of the skin.


Stretch marks
Collagenage 72
Patented marine active from 5 years of research. It is derived from the wall and cytoplasm of a red alga, Calliblepharis jubata. Real collagen synthesis booster (+ 72%) to recover a firmer skin and less visible stretch marks.


How to use
Massage into skin daily, insisting on hips, stomach, bottom and internal part of arms and thighs.


200 ml.


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