Mesoestetic Рost-Peel Retinol Concentrate 100 ml. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


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Post-peeling concentrate with 1% retinol is designed to activate, enhance and prolong the action of very superficial and superficial peels. The concentrate improves cell differentiation and re-epithelialization, stimulates collagen synthesis.


Concentrate for activation, enhancement and prolongation of the action of peels.


Active ingredients:

  • Retinol 1% provides a renewing effect, like the effect of super-surface peeling.
  • Vitamins E and B5.
  • Centella is Asian.

Mode of application:

Concentrate of 1% Retinol is applied immediately after the masks: Post-peel crystal fiber mask and / or Anti-stress face mask, before restoring cream Post-procedure fast skin repair.

Two hours after applying the concentrate with 1% Retinol, you need to wash with water.

Tube with dispenser 100 ml.

Content: 100 ml. Professional Salon Size.


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