THALION Thali White Lotion Unifiante Eclat – Brightening Radiance Lotion. 200 ml.


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THALION Thali White Lotion Unifiante Eclat –
Brightening Radiance Lotion. 200 ml. 


Perfects the cleaning, prepare the skin for further treatment and initiates the lightening process. New “quick break” gel consistency that changes to water when it comes in contact with the skin.


Tones the skin and makes the complexion clearer.
Gel consistency that changes to water on the skin.
Day after day, the skin becomes toned and the complexion visibly clearer.


Skin types
Gray / dull skin and pigmented skin.


Active ingredients
Reduces uneven pigmentation
Wakame extract
Inhibits malanin production.

Oil fraction from the licorice root, Glycyrrhiza glabra, titrated to 40% in Glabridin. This extract makes the complexion clearer, reduces pigmentation spots and relieves irritation.

Scutellaria Baicalensis
Anti-free radical activity to combat signs of aging, reduce pigmentation disorders and restore glow. The main components of scutellaria are the root of flavonoids that inhibit tyrosinase. Anti-inflammatory properties.

Digital Laminaria
Rich in minerals and trace elements in soluble and bio-available forms, essential for optimal skin metabolism. Helps accelerate cellular exchanges and stimulates microcirculation to restore glow and freshness.

Sea fennel extract
Marine plant perfect for dealing with difficult conditions: wind, spray, salinity and poor nutrient content in soil. The sea fennel has an inhibitory function on tyrosinase activity. This effect gives us a brightening effect.

Preserve moisture and soothe
Concentrate of oligosaccharides from rhodophycea algae, prepared by an exclusive depolymerization process developed at our laboratory. These low molecular weight oligosaccharides protect the skin from irritation.

Healing, soothing, moisturizing and emollient.


How to use
Morning and evening after Thaliwhite Radiance Cleansing Milk. Apply with fingertips on face and neck. Wipe away.


 200 ml.


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