THALION Thali Sens Rouge Corail Gommage Vivifiant – Vivifying Body Scrub. 500 ml. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


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This invigorating tropical ritual combines a deep peeling massage of the whole body with fruity red coral scrub with an energizing cocoa bean body wrap with algae and sea water.
The ritual gives incredible pleasure, relieves spasms and clamps, starts the process of losing weight, energizes, heals and invigorates.

Amazing and exotic ritual Energy is designed to saturate the muscles and skin with energy and restore their tone, thanks to which the body is literally filled with strength, becomes elastic and toned.
During the care of Amazonia, products containing natural energy tonics – guarana, acerola, cocoa, chili are used.
In combination with ocean algae and sea water, the body is filled with new energy, the overall tone returns, there is a sharp rise, an improvement in mood.

During therapy, the body is actively warming up, there is a deep effect on the muscles and skin along certain lines, which allows, due to the stimulation of the contractile reflex, to quickly restore tone and tighten the muscles and skin. As a result, the body is saturated with energy, and the figure is elastic and toned.


THALION Thali Sens Rouge Corail Gommage Vivifiant –
Vivifying Body Scrub. 500 ml. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


A red sea salt gel, deliciously perfumed, which slides over the skin as it carefully exfoliates.
This jelly, with Amazon fruits’ scents, is sprinkled with marine crystals. This care exfoliates with efficacy, stimulates the senses and tones the body activating the micro circulation.
The Spirulina (blue micro-seaweed), very rich in pro-vitamin A, restructures the epidermis. The vitamin E contained in the Brazil nut is a powerful anti oxidant that protects tissues as well as its fraction of unsaponifiables. Its contents in phytosterols stimulate the blood circulation. The energizing effect is given by the extracts of ginseng and Sargassum seaweed.
Energizes the skin, leaving a delicate perfume and protective film.


Active ingredients
Sea crystals

Exfoliating, they eliminate dead cells and impurities.

Brazil nut oil
Oil extracted from the nuts of the nut tree from Brazil which grows only in the Amazon forest. This golden oil hydrating and softening, contains vitamin A, vitamin E, a strong anti-oxidant that protects the skin from the attacks of free radicals, thus reducing the ageing process.

Ginseng extract
Rich in peptides and saponoside, vitamins from group B and C, it is considered as an elixir of life.

Oily extract of Spirulina seaweed
Blue micro-seaweed from which we extract lipids such as linolenic, linoleic and palmitic acids, pro-vitamin A, vitamin E and soluble vitamin s which are essential to maintain the proper function of the cutaneous barrier.

Extract of Sargassum seaweed
Its richness in trace elements and minerals (iodine, iron) confers protective and regenerating properties while polysaccharides contribute to maintain moisture in the epidermis.


How to use
Exfoliate the entire body with large wrapping movement according to the Thalisens technique.


Content: 500 ml. Professional Salon Size.


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