THALION Thali Sens Profondeur Des Terres – Self-heating Dynamizing Body Wrap. 3 kg. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


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This invigorating tropical ritual combines a deep peeling massage of the whole body with fruity red coral scrub with an energizing cocoa bean body wrap with algae and sea water.
The ritual gives incredible pleasure, relieves spasms and clamps, starts the process of losing weight, energizes, heals and invigorates.

Amazing and exotic ritual Energy is designed to saturate the muscles and skin with energy and restore their tone, thanks to which the body is literally filled with strength, becomes elastic and toned.
During the care of Amazonia, products containing natural energy tonics – guarana, acerola, cocoa, chili are used.
In combination with ocean algae and sea water, the body is filled with new energy, the overall tone returns, there is a sharp rise, an improvement in mood.

During therapy, the body is actively warming up, there is a deep effect on the muscles and skin along certain lines, which allows, due to the stimulation of the contractile reflex, to quickly restore tone and tighten the muscles and skin. As a result, the body is saturated with energy, and the figure is elastic and toned.


THALION Thalisens Profondeur Des Terres –
Self-heating Dynamizing Body Wrap. 3 kg. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


A seaweed and cocoa bean powder with self-heating, stimulating and relaxing properties. This creamy paste deliciously perfumed and cocoa colored, offers all the indispensable elements for the body to regenerate and recover its energy. The wrap provides a pleasant heat sensation, that soothes the muscular tensions and activates the microcirculation to optimise the assimilation of active ingredients. This care offers all the minerals and trace elements contained in the sea. Guarana activates lipolysis, drains and stimulates the exchanges. The Acerola reinforces the tonicity and reveals a radiant skin. The body, free from its tensions, recovers energy and vitality.


Active ingredients
Cocoa bean
The cocoa bean is a natural stimulant and an anti depressant. It contains anti-oxidant properties (vitamin E + flavonoids), favors the epidermis restructuration, cell regeneration and prevents the skin dehydration while providing softness, elasticity and tone. Moreover, it ensures a good cell function and stimulates the micro circulation.

Plant from Central and South America with stimulating properties. Particularly rich in vitamins B1, B2 and C.

Fruit famous for its content in vitamin C as it is 20 to 30 times richer than the orange. The acerola is also an antioxidant and a powerful anti ageing ingredient inhibiting the action of free radicals.

Thalasso Oligo
Concentrate of seawater in powder creating a precious blend of minerals and trace elements of this original and sustaining environment. It brings stimulation and remineralization to the epidermis. The Thalasso Oligo is particularly rich in providing a product with incomparable relaxing and peaceful properties.


How to use
Mix 2 doses of powder with 2.5 doses of cold water (20°C / 60°F), apply this preparation over the whole body, close the silky wrapping sheet, then the heating blanket. After 15 minutes, invite the client to shower.


Content: 3 kg. Professional Salon Size.


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