THALION Thali Sens Féerie Du Lagon Gel Modelant – Modeling Gel. 500 ml. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


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A real invitation to travel, this ritual immerses you in a Polynesian lagoon.


Whole body gentle exfoliation scrub with sea water and natural coconut oil with a delicious aroma prepares the skin, followed by a body wrap based on coconut oil and spirulina extract, smoothly flowing into a deep relaxing full body, Head and face massage.
An interlude of well-being envelops the body and procures intense relaxation.
The final chord is the application of the most delicate fragrant veil of Tiare Pearl cream to the skin with a delicate effect of golden radiance.


As a result – the body is relaxed, the head is cleared of unnecessary thoughts, the skin is nourished, elastic and toned, wrapped in a magical cocoon of exotic aromas.


Suitable for everyone who wants to get rid of stress, tension, chronic fatigue.



THALION Thalisens Féerie Du Lagon Gel Modelant –
Modeling Gel. 500 ml. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


Transparence d’Atoll wax is altered by contact with this sculpting massage gel with monoï scents to become a marvelous cream. Highly concentrated in seawater and marine polysaccharides, it brings the indispensable minerals and trace elements to balance and moisture. Its richness in magnesium prolongs the fulfillment of the wrapping movements that relax tissues and muscles. This magical and bewitching care immerses yourself in a deep sensation of well-being and harmony.



Active ingredients

Noni extract
Noni or Nono is the fruit of a small tropical tree considered as « magic » in Polynesia. Green yellow, whitish when it is mature, the noni has the size of a hen egg and contains, according to American researchers, immune-stimulating substances, protecting the organism and delaying the ageing process.

Polysaccharides of red and brown seaweeds
Maintain hydration and soften the epidermis.
Polysaccharides of brown algae act as highly hydrated matrixes at the surface of the skin to reduce the water loss.
Red seaweed energizes the cell activity and maintains hydration. Provides remineralizing and regenerating minerals and trace elements.

Thalasso Oligo
Concentrate of seawater in powder creating a precious blend of minerals and trace elements of this original and sustaining environment. It brings stimulation and remineralization to the epidermis. The Thalasso Oligo is particularly rich in providing a product with incomparable relaxing and peaceful properties.


How to use
Apply on top of Transparence d’Atoll in order to transform the product into a smooth cream which then allows an enveloping and harmonious massage. Perform the Polynesian massage.


Content: 500 ml. Professional Salon Size.


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