THALION Nutrition Marine Magnesium Marin – Ocean Magnesium. 60 Caps.


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THALION Nutrition Marine Magnesium Marin –
Ocean Magnesium. 60 Caps.


Nervousness, fatigue, muscle disorders are often the first sign of inadequate dietary intake of magnesium. The THALION Laboratories have selected 100% marine magnesium from natural seawater. In exclusive association with vitamin B6, taurine and citrus extracts, it helps to reduce fatigue and contributes to normal neurological and psychological functions.


Taurine improves the absorption of magnesium and potentiates its action on relaxation and stress resistance.
100% vegetable capsules.
High bioavailability of active ingredients.


Active ingredients
Anti-stress, relaxation, improved sleep, muscle pain

Marine magnesium
4 capsules daily provides 73% of the recommended Daily Intake. Its oxide form helps maintain the acid-base balance in the body as well as the fight against abdominal pain.

100% natural ingredient derived from specific varieties of citrus. Anti-stress properties have been proven and demonstrated by several scientific studies.

Vitamin B6
Supplementary effect to magnesium that helps maintain a good nervous balance. It also helps reduce fatigue. 4 capsules daily provides 70% of the recommended daily intake.

Taurine is an amino acid essential for the maturation of the nervous system. It improves the absorption of magnesium by converting it into magnesium taurinate which is highly bioavailable to the cells.


How to use
2 capsules morning and evening to take with a full glass of water;
Ideal when associated with Thalion Magnesium Oil for an double transdermal and oral recharge.

Content: 60 capsules.


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