THALION Lotion Tonique Confort – Gentle Tonic Lotion. 200 ml.


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THALION Lotion Tonique Confort – Gentle Tonic Lotion. 200 ml.


This alcohol-free toner refreshes, tones the face and perfects the cleansing of the skin.


Eliminates the last traces of make-up.
Tones and wakes-up the complexion thanks to its marine micro-nutrients.
The skin is fresh, pure and stimulated.


Skin types
Normal, dry and fragile skin.


Active ingredients

Preserve moisture
Chondrus crispus
Red seaweed (rhodophycea) that energizes the cell activity and maintains hydration. Provides remineralizing and regenerating minerals and trace elements.

Sodium PCA and amino-acids
Key physiological moisturizers which constitute the majority of our N.M.F or Natural Moisturizing Factors.

Preserves the cell from the dehydration caused by temperature changes. Improves the ability of the cell to rehydrate and recover a normal water level.

Healing, soothing, moisturizing and softening.


Remineralize to boost radiance
Laminaria digitata
Rich in minerals (potassium, sodium and calcium) and trace elements under soluble and bio-available forms (magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese) essential for optimal skin metabolism. Helps accelerate the cellular exchanges and stimulate the micro-circulation to restore hydration, radiance and freshness to the skin.

Sodium-light seawater concentrate. It provides the skin and the body its exceptional richness in marine minerals and trace elements with regenerating effect through the stimulation of the cell metabolism. It boosts the skin’s cells and enhances the radiance of the complexion.


Fight against time
Ulva Lactuca
Dermis restructurer and energy booster. It is able to optimise the use of energy within the skin’s cells. Protects and reinforces the elastic capital of the skin through the inhibition of the elastase process.


How to use
Morning and evening, apply to face and neck with a cotton pad.


 200 ml.


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