THALION Huile De Magnesium Marin – Ocean Magnesium Oil. 100 ml.


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THALION Huile De Magnesium Marin –
Ocean Magnesium Oil. 100 ml.


Ocean Magnesium, 100% natural, derived from sea water, is a specific formula that delivers directly through the skin the benefits of magnesium.
Ocean Magnesium is a water-based solution, 100% natural made of seawater. Saturated in magnesium chloride, it offers an amazing “dry oil” touch.


Compensates for deficiencies in magnesium,
Preserves the nervous balance by reducing the release of adrenalin generated by the stress,
Combat muscle pain and cramps,
Improves sleep,
Regulates energy metabolism,
Helps eliminate toxins,
Contributes to a better binding of calcium, hence its key role in bone health,
Repairs the skin barrier.


Active ingredients
Remineralization, regeneration
Magnesium Chloride 33% – extracted from sea water, 100% natural Marine Magnesium is one of the most absorbable and active forms of magnesium. It is responsible for more than 300 metabolic processes in our body every day.
20 ml contains 200 mg of pure, bioavailable magnesium (53% DV).

Transdermal penetration is particularly interesting because:
promotes absorption through the skin, preventing losses during the assimilation of the required dose;
faster elimination of existing magnesium deficiency;
helps to eliminate magnesium deficiency (target saturation);
assimilation stops when the deficiency is eliminated.

Without preservatives, fragrances, dyes, not allergic.


How to use
Locally on painful joints and / or muscle tension zones at a rate of 2 to 3 sprays per area.
For the entire body about 10 sprays.
Massage until absorbed. A tingling sensation may appear (a sign of magnesium deficiency). It will decrease as your magnesium levels increase. If it happens, apply on moisten skin or dilute with water 50/50.


Content: 100 ml.


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