THALION Enveloppement Tri-Actif – 3-Action Pack. 2 kg. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


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THALION Enveloppement Tri-Actif –
3-Action Pack. 2 kg. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


Micronized triple-action powder with the benefits of Laminaria, Spirulina and Lithotamnium and Thalasso oligo.


3 in 1 wrap slimming firmness mineral charge.
Ideal as an alternative in slimming or strength programs.
Ideal as occasional treatment.


Active ingredients

Digitized laminaria (micronized)
Provides a large amount of trace elements and minerals to remineralize and revitalize. Due to its stimulating effect on metabolism, fat burning is increased.


Spirulina (powder)
Contributes to fibroblast stimulation and regeneration. Softens, hydrates and gives firmness.


Charge the body with minerals
Lithothamnium calcareum
By providing a large selection of necessary minerals and trace elements (Calcium, marnesium, zinc, iron ,,,) deficiencies are remineralized and compensated in a slimming program.

Sodium-light seawater concentrate. Provides the skin and body with its exceptional richness of marine minerals and trace elements with regenerating effect through stimulation of cell metabolism. It increases the skin’s cells and enhances the skin’s radiance.


How to use
Mix 7-9 doses of 3-Action Pack with lukewarm water.
Add 10 drops of Sculpting Essential Oils Complex
Applied to the whole body, wrap the client in plastic.
Leave to work in the heating blanket for 15-20 minutes.
Remember corresponding rest time.
Refers to the THALION “Triple Action Slimming” and “Slimming & Serenity Prestige” protocols.

 2 kg. Professional Salon Size.


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