THALION Algo Lift Creme Nutri-Age Densite & Volume – Nutri-resilience Skin Architect. 50 ml.


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THALION Algo Lift Creme Nutri-Age Densite & Volume – Nutri-resilience Skin Architect. 50 ml. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


Thalion’s research laboratory has developed a high-tech cream for discerning, adult women who want results. A unique formula that fills wrinkles like a hyaluronic acid injection. An incredibly effective cream that compensates for lipid deficiency and rebuilds the volume of the face. Added Thalions Collagenage 72®, a result of 5 years of research and development. The compound stimulates elastin and collagen synthesis to tone the deep tissues. With Palmaria Palmata which improves the firmness and suppleness of the skin. This unique combination acts directly on the dermal fibers to redefine the face shape, and restructure the skin architecture.


Recreates volume.
Shapes the oval.
Rebuilds the substance.
Nourishing and compensating for the disadvantages associated with menopause (dry skin and loss of firmness).
The skin is thickened, nourished and more comfortable; a youthful volume is restored.


Active ingredients
Collagenage 72®, Patented marine active ingredient
Active from the cell wall and cytoplasm of the red alga Calliblepharis Jubata. A true collagen synthesis booster (+ 72%) to regain plump and firm skin.

Lift System
Peptide with botox-like effect. Prevents flaking, and lifts the facial contour.
Spirulina (oil extract).
A blue microalga belonging to the Cyanophycea species. Rich in pro-vitamin A (beta carotene). Improves the elasticity of the supporting tissues and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier.
Palmaria palmata
Red algae rich in trace elements such as iron, silicon and selenium that affect the organization of elastin fibers and improve skin firmness and suppleness.
“Long life mushroom”. Lipofilling without surgery! Also makes the complexion clearer.
Hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight
Reduces the length and depth of wrinkles as collagen synthesis increases. Activates peeling that regains glow. Smoothes the skin structure by reducing the pore size.

Marine regeneration
Thalasso-oligo, salicornia
Association of marine extracts that revitalize and stimulate the skin. Salicornia is also an antioxidant.
Phytosqualane, shea butter, rice oil.

Nutrition and regeneration

Concentrate of oligosaccharides from red algae, developed by Thalion’s laboratory. Reduces inflammation by up to 71% to prevent premature aging of the epidermis.

Aqua Chrono
Moisturizing effect up to 72 hours and strengthens the skin’s barrier function. Reduces TEWL by 20% after 4 weeks of use.


How to use
Apply morning and evening to the cleansed face and neck.


Content: 50 ml.


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