THALION Algo Energie Force Marine Radiance Pro – Ampoules Shine. 10 x 15 ml. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


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THALION Algo Energie Force Marine Radiance Pro Eclat –
Ampoules Shine. 10 x 15 ml. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


Active concentrate for tired and stressed skin.



Oxygenates the skin.
Stimulates micro-securitation and cellular exchanges.
Reduces pigmentation and restores glow and circulation.
The skin becomes clearer, fresh and revitalized.


Skin types
Lifeless and gray skin.


Active ingredients

Radiance action
Ulva lactuca
Improves cell oxidation by 71%.

Digital Laminaria
Accelerates cellular exchange lines and stimulates microcirculation to restore hydration, glow and freshness.

“Long life mushroom”. Works like a lipofiller without surgery. Corrects skin clarity.

Criste marine
A marine plant that adapts perfectly to difficult conditions: wind, roof, salinity and nutrient-poor soil. Crista has an inhibitory potential for tyrosinase activity (gloss and anti-pigmentation

Scutellaria baicalensis
Anti-radical activity to combat signs of aging and restore glow. Anti pollution.

2 hyaluronic acids:
Medium and Low Molecular Weight

Medium weight: Improves hydration of the epidermis. Strengthens the cohesion of keratinocytes and accelerates the repair process by activating proliferation of keratinocytes and fibroblasts.

Low weight: Reduces the length and depth of wrinkles as it increases the synthesis of collagen. Active scaling that revives radiation. Provides a smoother skin texture by reducing pore size.

Preserves the cell from dehydration caused by temperature changes. Improves the cell’s ability to rehydrate and regain a normal water level.

PCA Sodium
Physiological moisturizer due to its high concentration of NMF or the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor.


How to use
Apply In accordance with Thalion technique:
1. Pumping
2. Pinching
3. Dabbing


Content: 10 Ampoules x 15 ml. Professional Salon Size.


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