SOTHYS Soin Professionnel Apaisant – Soothing Professional Treatment. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


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SOTHYS Soin Professionnel Apaisant –
Soothing professional treatment.
15 treatments.


Soothing professional treatment with Spa™ Thermal Water for sensitive skin.

Immediate and long lasting relief and comfort for sensitive and sensitized skins.
The efficiency of the Spa™ Thermal Water combined with powerful botanicals offers multi benefits to Protect, Soothe and Balance.
Suitable for all sensitive skins – chronic, naturally sensitive skin or temporarily sensitized skin.
Male and female, all ages.

Water is an essential component of cosmetic formulas. In the Spa Thermal Water formulas,  developed by Sothys advanced research, water becomes an active ingredient in its own right,  and the star ingredient in this range.

How it works
Spa thermal water helps to inhibit epidermal receptors, responsible for sensations of pain and itching on the skins surface. By blocking these receptors, spa thermal water helps to re balance the hypersensitivity of sensitive or sensitised skin and reset the tolerance threshold.

The Soothing Range with Spa Thermal Water, has been specially formulated with additional complementary ingredients to protect, soothe and balance sensitive skin.

Content of the Kit:
Softening cleansing mask, 190 ml.
Express ultra-soothing serum, 15 x 1,25 ml.
Ultra-soothing modeling cream, 115 ml.
Hydra-soothing mask, 2 x 140 ml.

Kit for 15 treatments. 
Professional Salon Size.


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