SOTHYS Hydra 3Ha Hyaluronic Acid Traitement Intensif Hydratant – Hydrating Intensive Treatment.


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SOTHYS Hydra3Ha™ Hyaluronic acid Traitement Intensif Hydratant –
Hydrating intensive treatment.
20 treatments.


Hydra 3Ha Hyaluronic acid Facial Treatment is a treatment of deep and intense hydration that leaves your skin hydrated and supple. Sufficient hydration is one of your skin’s real needs. In the perfect alliance of technical advancement and sensory pleasure, this treatment combines ultra-comfortable textures with high-performance active ingredients to promote water flow within the skin and provide it with absolute hydration. Results are instant and lasting at any age.
This intensive moisturizing treatment stimulates skin’s natural control. Immediate and continuous effect of Hyaluronic acid offers a great solution to stimulate the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture for a longer time.
Hydra 3Ha facial treatment moisturizes all layers of skin, regenerates, soothes and rebalances.
With this treatment tiny lines and wrinkles will be a thing of the past!

Why is Hydra 3Ha Hyaluronic acid facial treatment so special?
The Hydra3Ha features three key active ingredients:
the patented 1055 boletus extract,
low molecular weight hyaluronic acid
and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

After only one treatment, skin hydration will increase by 34%, while 80% of those who tried the treatment considered their skin to look younger after the first treatment.


Content of the Kit:
Enzymatic exfoliating gel, 150 ml.
Restructuring serum, 25 ml.
Intense hidration gel mask, 20 x 7.5 ml.
Modeling mask, 20 x 7.5 ml.
Peel-off plumping mask, 20 x 40 g.
Smoothing serum, 20 x 1.25 ml.


Kit for 20 treatments.
Professional Salon Size.


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